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Martin Logo
The FHS of Martin
founded in 1980
website started
December 1999


Society Area Representatives

The Family History Society of Martin has established representatives to help with
your research in various areas throughout the United Kingdom.

They are of course only for members of the Society

Here is a link page to every County Record Office

Area 1   Hampshire and Wiltshire   Area 15   Cheshire
Area 2   Devon and Cornwall   Area 16   North Wales, Merseyside and Liverpool
Area 3   South and west London, Surrey and Berkshire   Area 17   Cambridge and Hertfordshire
Area 4   Somerset   Area 18   Northamptonshire
Area 5   The Midlands   Area 19   Middlesex
Area 6   Sussex   Area 20   Hertfordshire
Area 7   Leicestershire   Area 21   Gloucestershire
Area 8   Nottinghamshire   Area 22   North-west Kent and south-east London
Area 9   Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Bedford and Warwickshire   Area 23   Mid Kent
Area 10   Shropshire   Area 24   South and east Kent
Area 11   Dorset   Area 25   Lincolnshire
Area 12   South Wales and Avon   Area 26   Derbyshire
Area 13   Yorkshire   Area 27   Suffolk and Norfolk
Area 14   Essex, north and east London        

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