The Crests on the Front Page of the FHS of Martin website have been saved for the internet in a much lower resolution than would be needed for printing. If you need the originals please see below.

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To our visitors: This site is actually a labor of love, and possibly therapy for me. I thank those of you who have written wonderful letters of support. I wish to share my work with others on a limited basis.


1. You may download to your own computer a limited amount of graphics (no more than 10) for your personal use on your personal or genealogy related web pages.

2. Do not link directly to the individual graphics on my site.

3. You may not ad these graphics to an existing collection. (If you want a collection, buy the CDs.)

4. If you are the owner of another heraldry site and would like to show off the graphics, you can not use more than 70 graphics. Please place an acknowledgement link from your site to mine.

5. For those of you who wish to use a graphic on your personal web page, a link back to my site is not required but appreciated.

Over 98% of the Coats of Arms Graphics on this site are copyrighted by J.M. Elliott and On-Line-Publishing and represent thousands of hours of computer rendering and research. Please do not abuse the use the graphics found on this site. I feel very strongly about copyright and will use every means afforded me to protect my rights.

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