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The FHS of Martin
founded in 1980
website started
December 1999


Society Journal

If you have just surfed on to these pages they are presented for your research at no cost to you; they are paid for by the members of the "Family History Society of MARTIN" but what do the members get for their subscription?

Together with other benefits the Society publishes a quarterly journal Delichon Urbica (The House Martin) which provides a regular communication link between members and a wealth of research source information, details of Member's Interests and research enquiries.

Just to show you what you are missing by not joining the Society, please take a look at the contents of some of the previous Journals. Note: the following titles can only give you a glimpse as to what is in each issue!

Don't forget, for a very small yearly subscription you could be reading "Delichon Urbica"

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2002 - 2003 2004 - 2005 2006 - 2007 2008 - 2009

Jan 2006   In this Issue   Tracing the Martins of Spratton
Vol. 15 - 1   UK Society addresses   Martin Scrapbook
    Overseas addresses   New Members Ancestry & Research
    Rambles from the Chair   A Guide to Martin Births in England & Wales
    Members and their Interests   Change of Address & Contact Details
    Members Queries   Why Family History An Amateurs Guide
    Michael Martin (1825 1895)   On Line - Off LIne
April 2006   In this Issue   Martin Family Histry Ruth Cruickshank
vol 15 - 2   UK Society addresses   Daniel Martin (1823-1890) Ann Martin Frobel
    OverseasSociety addresses   Loch Tay's Adventurous Voyage
    Rambles fron the Chair   A Guide to Martin Births in England & Wales 2
    Members and their Interests   Contributers Contact Guide
    On line - Off line   Stop Press
July 2006   Editors Note   Contributers Contact Details
vol 15 - 3   In this Issue   Charles William Martin, HMS-Achille -Tafalgar
    UK Society addresses   Leonard Sidney Martin - Somerset to Sydney
    Overseas Addresses   On LineOff Line
    Rambles fron the Chair   Martin Scrapbook
    New Members Interests   Berkshire Links in the 1881 British Census
    Members Research Queries    
Oct 2006   In this Issue & Editors Note   Martin
vol 15 - 4   UK Society Addresses   Stop Press
    Overseas Addresses   William Martin
    Rambles from he Chair   Martin Scrapbook
    New Members Interests   A Gide to Martin Births in England & Wales 3
Jan 2007   In This Issue & Editors Note   Gaylor & Martin - A Family Affair
vol 16 - 1   UK Society Addresses   George Martin and brother William - 1881 cens
    Overseas Addresses   Royston Crow Article & Martin Scrapbook
    Rambles from the Chair   Gleanings from the 1881 Census
    New Members Interests & Queries   Scottish Links in the 1881 British Census
April 2007   In this Issue & Editors Note   Some of my Family came from Plymouth
vol 16 - 2   UK Society Addresses   Walter James Martin
    Overseas Addresses   Letter from America
July 2007   Rambles from the Chair   News from Australia
vol16 - 3   New Members   Bass, Finders, Martin and the Tom Thumbs
    John Henry Martin   The Worthies of Devon
Oct 2007   In this Issue    
Vol 16 - 4   UK Society Addresses    
    Overseas Addresses    
    Rambles from the Chair    

Trustees -
Mr. Gordon Martin - Mrs. Sue Howell - Mr. Bob Martin - Mrs. Hellen Martin-Millward - Mr.. Allan Martin